Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Andy versus Roger

The Wimbledon final match on 5th July was simply stupendous in more ways than one... Andy was the better player and Federer the more deserving one... why?
While Andy's back hand and his placements worked in his favour, it was Federer's Aces and his persistence that gave him the trophy... Both played like true heroes, but there were a couple of situations in the match that made Federer he deserving one...
Andy started winning the first set easily... the second set was actually Andy's till the last defining moment in the tie breaker. Andy led the tie breaker 5 -2 and that was the defining moment of the match when Roger showed nothing is lost and cam back with all he had to win the set. the next set was equally difficult for Roger but the 4th set, Andy had a superb come back again winning it quite easily .... with all hopes now set on Andy to win the match, Roger just hung on there and played for each point thereafter and not worried about the final outcome.... At the end Roger, the calmer one, ended up taking the gold and creating history with 16 grand slam victories.
Corporates can take a lot from this game... A lot of times competitors, who are bigger and better, end up taking market share with pure might. they have the power to trounce you and wipe you out... the only thing that remains in your favour is your dream. Your dream to achieve that milestone that will take you beyond just monetary achievement, but the satisfaction that you stuck around and finished the course.